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There are over 100 species and breeds of dogs, let us look at 10 of the best police dog breeds, best guard dogs that were almost born to be on the force.


But which breed of dog would be best after the SHTF? ... Due to their high intelligence, they are an excellent dual purpose guard dog for preppers. They can be ...


Dec 16, 2016 ... This is the first guard dog on every professional list because its guardianship is absolutely instinctual. ... Being a hunting breed, this dog is the best protector from outdoor ... 10 Awesome Food Ideas for Your Bug Out Bag.


Find the best guard dog for your homestead with these training tips and advice on guard ... The very best breed for protection in our opinion are German Shepherds. ... Can you imagine military/police handlers carrying a 10lb bag of dog treats?


Other breeds of dogs that have the potential to be good guard dogs are dogs in the Mastiff family. Many of these dogs are gentle giants with the family, but they ...


Central Asian Shepherd, the Alabai, is one of the best Russian guard dogs. ... Russian guard dog breeds became the subjects of four new Russian stamps ...


They are powerful and protective dogs. They can be trained easily. Exercise is very important for this breed. You should provide good exercise to decrease their  ...


Nov 5, 2015 ... But what are some of the best breeds for protection & security, and why? ... If an intruder comes across this dog, the likelihood that they'll stick ...


May 23, 2017 ... Lists of the top 10 best guarding dogs for your family and children ... He would be an absolutely devoted guard dog to you and your family and ... However, they do require more training as they are a difficult breed to train.