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To determine the best- and worst-paying jobs in the country, Forbes consulted the most recent Occupational Employment Statistics survey conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


US News ranks the Best Jobs in America by scoring 7 factors like salary, work life balance, long term growth and stress level.


Sep 19, 2017 ... According to a report from job search platform Glassdoor, some of the best compensated jobs in the U.S. are concentrated within those fields. To compile its list of highest-paying jobs in America, Glassdoor examined the job titles that received at least 100 salary reports over the past year and applied a ...


Jan 24, 2018 ... Half the jobs in Glassdoor's annual survey of the year's top jobs are in two industries: technology and health care, the company said. These fields typically require specialized training or advanced degrees, which may put them out of reach of the seven out of 10 Americans who lack college degrees.


Jan 24, 2018 ... According to job-search site Glassdoor, almost 40 percent of adults are actively looking for a new job or are planning to do so in the next year. But before you leave your job hoping that the grass is greener on the other side, make sure you do your research. Not all jobs are created equal. To determine which ...


Here are the 50 Best Jobs in America, according to Glassdoor. Where does your job fall?


CNNMoney/PayScale.com's top 100 careers with big growth, great pay and satisfying work ... Top Ten Jobs. See the full list ... That means that workers can be pickier about where to apply their talents, so when we set out to find America's Best Jobs this year, we sought professions that not only offer opportunity for ...


Jan 10, 2018 ... The publication then ranked these coveted positions by pay, finding that, unsurprisingly, many of America's top jobs come with six-figure salaries. .... 10. Prosthodontist. Dmitry Kalinovsky/Shutterstock. Median annual salary: $126,050. Projected growth (2016 to 2026): 17.2%. Different from an orthodontist, ...


Jan 24, 2018 ... Data scientists and DevOps engineers top the list of tech jobs with the best earning potential and highest satisfaction rates.