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1000. 1000. 0. 10. 5 km. N. Contour Map of Mt. Fuji. Contour Interval: 500m Source Data: Digital Map 50m-grid (Elevation) by GSI. Drawn by Takanori SATO.


Topographic map of Mt. Fuji. Countour interval is 500 m. Simplified from Cyclic flank-vent and central vent eruption patterns by A. Takada in v. 58, p. 539-556 of  ...


Jun 2, 2013 ... File:Topographic map of Mount Fuji and Tokyo-2.jpg ... View with Radar Image Overlaid, Color as Height: Mt. Fuji and Tokyo, Japan. 日本語: ...


Aug 20, 2009 ... Topographical map of the summit and area around Mt. Fuji-san, Japan.


10m topographic maps are included in "Japan Digital Road Map Navigator and ... forests regions, in green (new in version 5). Mt. Fuji around summit. Mt. Fuji.


May 24, 2013 ... And maps are 2-dimensional objects for a 3-dimensional world. How can a ... For instance, look at a map of Mount Fuji in Japan. You see the ...


Hiking Maps for Mt. Fuji and other popular spots in Japan. Japan Topographic ... Topography is shown with elevation tinting and with selected spot heights.


Feb 2, 2017 ... You pull out your map and see two hiking trails. The first ... The beautiful Mount Fuji stands 3,776 meters tall above sea level. At 250-meter ...