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Dec 1, 2016 ... Nevertheless, DCEs remain widely used (e.g. Willis et al., 2003; Boatman .... Bateman et al., 2009; Solino et al., 2012), and v) comparisons of the results .... ( e.g. Campbell et al., 2011; Christie and Gibbons, 2011; Torres et al., ...


Extent of alcohol and other drug use among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples . ..... than among the non-Indigenous population (Vos et al., 2007). .... with many being impoverished, discriminated against, in a state of poor health, ...


3.6 Traditional Exchange versus the Cash Economy:…………………….…. 82 ..... Boundaries (Shnukal et al. 2004 pp. 278-281). ..... The missionaries' arrival would eventually bring Christianity to all the islands in Torres Strait and begin the.


19, 2018, 50566-5, II, Alfredo Suarez, Appellant V. Masco Corp., Et Al., ... 18, 2018, 77864-1, I, In Re: Marriage Of Michael P. Bateman, Resp V. Mina K. Bateman, App, Majority Opinion. Jun. ... Benjamin Torres, Majority Opinion and an Order.


Mortality was significantly higher in patients with treatment failure (25% v 2%). ... Ruiz M, Bauer T, Marcos MA, Mensa J, Torres A. Antimicrobial treatment failures in patients ... Broughton WA, Campbell GD, Dean N, File T, Fine MJ, Gross PA, et al. ... [PubMed]; Dean NC, Silver MP, Bateman KA, James B, Hadlock CJ, Hale D.


Feb 23, 2016 ... ... by neurons (Nishijima et al., 2010; Fernandez and Torres-Alemán, 2012). ... ( Liu et al., 1993; Bondy and Cheng, 2004; Bateman and McNeill, 2006; ..... Barili V ., Chia D., Massimino L., van Vugt R., Masserdotti G., et al.


Australia's National Institute for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Research. .... v. bOXEs box 1: Literature review: Providing a 'script': BEACH and SAND. 31 ..... a group that makes up 2.5 per cent of the total population (Vos et al.


E.D. Bateman, S.S. Hurd, P.J. Barnes, J. Bousquet, J.M. Drazen, J.M. ... Riany de Sousa Sena et al., European Respiratory Journal ... C. Casanova, J.S. Baudet, M. del Valle Velasco, J.M. Martin, A. Aguirre-Jaime, J. Pablo de Torres, B.R. Celli. ... C.G. COTE, C. CASANOVA, J.M. MARÍN, M.V. LOPEZ, V. PINTO-PLATA, M.M. ...


Ensure all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander four year olds in remote communities ..... Bazron, et al, (2005) found that although research increasingly indicates the ..... one's own culture as a benchmark against which to measure others, ...