Judicial Correction Services, Incorporated (Delaware) (JCS) is a privately held probation ... On its website, the company claims all the courts it services have increased ... a lawsuit against Judicial Correction Services and Harpersville Municipal Court. In July 2012, Judge Hub Harrington of Shelby County, Alabama halted the ...


Mar 11, 2015 ... Judicial Correction Services (JCS), a private probation company, collected money from impoverished Alabamians by threatening them with jail ...


How Court Legal Financial Obligations Lead to Imprisonment of Defendants . ..... services.”6 In 2014, COSCA adopted the policy that a necessary component of ..... Prison Sentence” (how the Harpersville, Alabama, court .... Correction Services, a private, for-profit ... 47 Dade et al. v City of Sherwood, Arkansas, et al., No.


Case Name, Ray v. Judicial Corrections Services, CJ-AL-0006 ... of Childersburg, Alabama and the private, for-profit law enforcement company the city used to ...


JCS collects court debt for cities free of charge to the municipality, making its money by tacking on monthly fees ... In the lead JCS Alabama case, Ray v. Judicial Correction Services, the Evans Law Firm and Public Justice are seeking to certify a ... Ray v. Judicial Correction Services & Related Litigation · View All. Search for:.


Feb 5, 2014 ... All too often, offenders on private probation are threatened with jail .... Leading officials with Judicial Correction Services and Sentinel ... rights as articulated by the US Supreme Court in Bearden v. ...... Harpersville is a small town in Alabama's Shelby county that was hit hard by the US economic recession.


Aug 29, 2012 ... BIRMINGHAM, Alabama -- Two Shelby County residents and one ... used by Judicial Correction Services Inc., and the city courts around the state using the ... Harpersville's city council recently voted to shut down its city court system, ... an attorney with Waldrep Stewart & Kendrick, LLC, who represents JCS.


Aug 8, 2016 ... Almost all of this income was taken by the Diversion Center to pay for her room and ... These practices gave rise to the landmark Supreme Court case Bearden v. .... In a 2012 Harpersville, Alabama case similar to McGee, Judge Hub ... of the city's court system and use of the services of Judicial Corrections ...


Correctional Medical Services, Louisiana Correctional Services, MHM, ... “All three companies are being sued in different states for different reasons,” he said. ..... What it provides to the city is a collection service. .... Keeping the lights on: Harrington intervened in Harpersville's municipal court, ...... Case name: Bullin et al.,v.