Trans is a 1998 American independent film, written for the screen and directed by Julian Goldberger. The film is based on a story by Julian Goldberger, Michael ...


TRANS is an extraordinary documentary feature about men and women, and all ... because this movie is incredibly important to becoming a more inclusive and ...


Trans Movies.


Jul 12, 2018 ... Find out what made it onto our list of 10 of the best movies about ... Below is a selection of 10 trans-themed films from the last 50 years.


This film is being produced in part with a grant from the California Institute of Contemporary Arts. Contact producers Dr. Mark Schoen and Chris Arnold. “Trans ” is ...


Trans is an extraordinary documentary feature about men and women, and all the ... I want to learn how to support them and this movie is a way for people to ...


Dec 13, 2018 ... Ann Thomas, the founder of Transgender Talent, wants the world to see a movie that some have called offensive.


Dec 7, 2018 ... When Girl, a film about a transgender woman who aspires to be a ballerina, premiered this past May at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival, it did so ...


Jan 2, 2019 ... That's what trans activists say about the Netflix drama “Girl.” But the movie's supporters say it's something cisgender viewers need to see.