MoneyGram International Inc. is a money transfer company based in the United States with ... In 1965, Travelers Express was acquired by The Greyhound Corporation (now known as Viad Corp) and became the nation's largest provider of ...


MoneyGram International can trace its roots back to 1940, with the founding of Minneapolis-based Travelers Express Co., Inc. Under parent company Viad Corp .


Financial Services-Namely, Administering Cash Disbursements to Travelers on Behalf of Account Holders Owned by: Travelers Express Company, Inc.


In order to cash the money orders you will need to open a probate estate if one has not been opened already in either of their names. After the ...


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Business Insurance Can Help You Avoid Costly Disruptions. No matter what industry you are in, your company faces risk every day. That's why Travelers offers a ...


Visit a bank or financial institution to cash your American Express traveler's check . ... Attribution: American Express Co. employees; License: public domain ...


Triffin also sought relief against Travelers Express Company, Inc., which defended the claim by asserting that the money orders were stolen and the signatures ...