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If my neighbor's tree branches hang over my yard, can I trim them? Yes. By law, you have the right to trim branches and limbs that extend past the property line.


For instance, large trees that hang over a neighbor's fence may pose a risk of injury or property damage, while trees that aren't trimmed properly can block a ...


In some cases a neighbor's tree may actually block a view of something unpleasant -- such as a garbage collection site or freeway -- and the cutting down of ...


Although you must take responsibility for your tree, you might not realize that tree ... Even though your neighbor has a right to trim back all branches that extend ...


My neighbor's tree looks like it's going to fall on my house any day now. What should I ... Can I trim the branches of the neighbor's tree that hang over my yard?


Its enough to just damage the health of your tree. For example, your neighbor has the legal right to trim branches of your tree if they hang over the property line.


Aug 3, 2012 ... My former neighbor built up his lot and then planted some trees and .... I just trimmed some branches off my neighbor's tree hanging over my ...


Feb 17, 2016 ... Find out what to do when a neighbouring tree causes a nuisance, whether it is overhanging ... What should I do with the trimmed branches?


Tree Trimming Etiquette & Your Neighbors: Know Your Rights. Conflicts involving trees and neighbors can usually be avoided if you know your rights and have ...