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Mar 13, 2013 ... Pierre F. Apostolides and Laurence O. Trussell ... suggesting that vesicle content may turn over rapidly (Burger et al., 1991; Floor et al., 1995). .... Data were collected with pClamp 9 software using a Multiclamp 700B amplifier and a .... To further define the balance between the two transmitter systems, paired ...


As with slower long-term AIS relocation (Evans et al., 2013), rapid AIS ... We found that the AIS distribution of all voltage-gated sodium (NaV) ..... Alternatively, co-activation of these two opposing plasticities could be ... Humane killing for tissue collection conformed to local King's College ..... Bender and Trussell, 2009.


Oct 1, 2017 ... The primary focus of all drinking water systems is to provide a safe water supply ... a fact particularly evident in the rapid growth of the planned reuse of wastewater for ... One unit process that was not incorporated into the performance ... threat to public health in water reuse (NRC, 2012, Trussell et al., 2013).


Sep 6, 2014 ... Therefore, the study of Trussell et al. .... of the three LARC methods versus each of the four individual SARC methods, the mixed-SARC basket, ...


Rapid repeat pregnancy (RRP) is a major problem in the United States. ... was observed between concordant couple pregnancy intentions (M–P– vs M+P+). ...... SAS Institute Inc, Cary, NC) to account for the multistage, complex sampling design. .... Cha et al. Pregnancy intentions and rapid repeat pregnancy. Am J Obstet ...


May 22, 2018 ... The rapid shift supports the hypothesis ... erties of shells collected before and after the storm, but I suggest that the shifts ... al. 1985, Etter 1988a, Trussell et al. 1993). One conse- quence of .... V) ences in relative shell height and aperture area be- .- tween the 3 study ..... Ginn and Co., Boston, p 209-226.