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One of the duties of the Trustees is to manage and invest the Trust assets in real property and securities. To assist them with managing and investing assets, the Trustees have retained Central Pacific Bank as the Funds' Custodian, Raymond James & Associates, Inc. as the Investment Advisor and Consultant, Marcus ...


TRUST FUND SERVICE PROVIDERS. Legal Counsel: Jared N. Kawashima Yee & Kawashima, LLLP. Plan Actuarial Consultant: Charles Furuike Honolulu Actuarial Consultants, Inc. Plan Medical Consultant: The Segal Company. Investment Consultant Monitor: Larry Goeas, Leo Goeas Raymond James & Associates, Inc.


Specialties: Recruitment Open: Inside Wireperson (Electrician) Apprenticeship Training Program is now accepting applications in Honolulu, HI. Pick-up application at 1935 ... are "Employer Trustees". HETF's principle office of the Trust is located in Honolulu, Hawaii at the Akito "Blackie" Fujikawa Building (1935 Hau Street).


The Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System in the Mojave Desert, built by members of San Bernardino Local 477. .... North West Upgrading Inc. and Canadian ..... We've got to stand up for our families and for good jobs.” Anyone looking to support the striking workers is encouraged to donate to the strike fund set up by ...


The officers appreciate the trust extended to them by the membership and will continue their work to advance the union movement on behalf of the members. ..... As of this writing, the incoming apprentices we've selected are: Thomas Brown, David Carlson, E'velle Cheeks, John Flack, Aaron Hassinger, Evan Haste , James ...


Berg electric Corp. Contractors & Engineers. 650 Opper Street. Escondido, CA 92029. An Equal Opportunity Employer www. berg electric.com. PRSRT. STD. U.S. POSTAGE. PAID .... changes we've initiated in our quest for continuous improvement. ..... years, as well as the Trustee of the Apprenticeship Training Trust Fund.


Apr 10, 2012 ... Her partner, Backus, was an electrician with a side business building large concrete vaults that house electrical equipment. Ramos ... Soon she'd taken charge of the business and landed a contract to supply an Anchorage electric company with the utility vaults. .... "'You've got plenty of equity, don't worry.'".


Mar 2, 2016 ... The hot-tempered electrician turned mining tycoon has told his bankruptcy trustee he has only one notable asset left — a farm near Port Macquarie, with ... Assets held in a trust fund controlled by Tinkler's estranged wife Rebecca are not declared, including the $16 million Hawaiian mansion she lives in.


Was VE Performed? Yes No 6. Value Engineering (VE). $. D. Allowance Subtotal. $. E. Total Costs (Sum of 4A + 4D). $. 5. Funds available for construction of ... valid title to the entire site (excluding easements and rights-of-way) free and clear of any pre-existing mortgages, deeds of trust, liens or other encumbrances, ...