The Funds are governed by Board of Trustees equally comprised of Union and ... In 1954, I.U.O.E. Local 12 won an important benefit for its members – the Health ... Since its inception, Operating Engineers Training Trust has graduated more ...


The Union Trustees are the same on each of the Trust Funds, but there are some differences among Employer ... T – Training Trust ... I.U.O.E., Local #12


Apprecticeship & Journeyman Training for Operating Engineers Local 12 of Southern California - OETT Local 12.


Training programs for heavy equipment operators, pipeline, stationary engineers, IUOE Job Corps, Hazardous Materials training, and helmets to hardhats.


Training Courses Schedule Information. ... The Trustees adopted criteria for use of training site facilities by trainees which are as follows: I. Must be a member of ...


The International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) is a progressive, diversified trade union that primarily represents operating engineers, who work as ...


Through training trusts jointly sponsored by local unions and employers, IUOE apprentices receive free training at heavy equipment operator training schools ...


Aug 11, 2017 ... Labor Trustees: Daren Konopaski, IUOE Local 302; Ernie Evans, IUOE Local 612 ; and Ole Fjellstad, Joint Apprenticeship Training Council


Trustees means the persons who are selected in accordance with the Trust ... 2.1 0 Union means International Union of operating Engineers, Local Union No . 1~ . ... activity and by assuring creation and implementation of safety training.