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Screen Actors Guild - Producers Pension and Health Plans offers online access to information on its pension and health benefit programs.


The Screen Actors Guild - Producers Pension and Health Plans were established in 1961 as a result of collective bargaining led by then SAG president Ronald Reagan between producers in the motion picture and ... The Plans are governed by a Board of Trustees made up of 18 Union Trustees and 18 Producer Trustees.


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Legal process may also be served on a Plan Trustee. 4. Name and address of the administrator: Board of Trustees Screen Actors GuildProducers Pension Plan Business ... Your pension benefits under this multi-employer plan are insured by the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC), a federal insurance agency.


Apr 23, 2009 ... All Signatory Producers to the Screen Actors Guild Collective. Bargaining Agreements. FROM: Board of Trustees, Screen Actors Guild- Producers. Pension and Health Plans. SUBJECT: Sole Proprietors and Partnership Improper Reporting of Contribution for. Owners. The purpose of this memorandum is to ...


Mar 16, 2012 ... The Screen Actors Guild - Producers Pension and Health Plans first priority is its fiduciary responsibility to its participants. The Plans have ... The Trustees and staff will continue our efforts to reinforce the internal controls at the Plans to ensure that they are in line with best practices. While we cannot control ...


Rodriguez is also a trustee and former chair of the Screen Actors Guild- Producers Industry Advancement & Cooperative Fund and a trustee of the Screen Actors Guild-Producers Pension & Health Plans. He previously served as deputy general counsel for Screen Actors Guild in its New York office, where he managed the ...


Jan 22, 2017 ... I appreciate the assurance that participants' crucial benefits are protected and safe, and commend the current Trustees for their responsiveness and uncompromising position that wrongdoing will not be tolerated.” A separate criminal case hit the Screen Actors Guild's Producers Pension and Health Plans in ...


Jun 24, 2015 ... EXCLUSIVE: The SAG Pension & Health Plans are doubling down on their campaign to deny benefits to disabled stuntwoman Leslie Hoffman. First they refused to give ... You're confusing the union SAG-AFTRA elected board of directors with the SAG-Producers Pension & Health Plans board of trustees.