The SCPT Christmas Bonus Fund was established to provide an additional elligible benefit to certain eligible Retirees in the SCPT Retirement Fund. Benefits  ...


Fund, and Christmas Bonus Fund, Plumbers and Pipefitters National ... Apprentice and Journeyman Training Trust Fund, the Joint Journeyman and Apprentice ...


Christmas Bonus · Contacts · Blue Shield · Wellness · HIPAA Privacy · Medicare Part D. The Pensioners & Surviving Spouses Health Fund provides Medical ... of Southern California Pipe Trades Trust Fund Participants and their families.


Christmas Bonus ... The Southern California Pipe Trades Health & Welfare Fund provides employees and Eligible Dependents ... the overall health & well-being of Southern California Pipe Trades Trust Fund Participants and their families.


Christmas Bonus · Contacts ... The Trustees of the Fund believe that saving for retirement is an important part of anyone's financial plan, and believe that the saving opportunities offered by the Defined Contribution Fund are a valuable benefit.


Forms to report Defined Contribution Fund ( 401(k) ) contributions ... Christmas Bonus contributions; ... Reporting Monthly Defined Contribution Fund (401k) ... DUES - Dues should be withheld from Net Pay and paid to the Trust Fund.


Christmas Bonus · Contacts. The Southern California Pipe Trades Vacation & Holiday Fund provides a Participant with cash benefits ... (or deposit slip in the case of a savings account) must be received by the Trust Fund Office by the 20th day ...


Trustees of the Southern California Pipe Trades Health & Welfare Trust Fundv. ..... Second, defendants argue that two of the Funds — Christmas Bonus Fund ...


Health & Welfare; Claims; Pension and Death Benefits; Vacation & Holiday; Hours Accumulated; Address Changes. please contact the Trust Fund. (800) 595-  ...