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An employer is accepted by the Trustees as a Contributing Employer upon signing a Collective. Bargaining Agreement with a Sprinkler Fitter Local Union. The parties must send to the Fund. Office a copy of the signed Collective Bargaining Agreement requiring contributions to the. Supplemental Pension Plan on behalf of ...


Section 1.10. Fund. "Fund" means the Sprinkler Industry Supplemental Defined Contribution Pension Fund established by the Trust Agreement, and means generally the monies, insurance policies and other things of value which comprise the corpus, income and additions to the Trust Fund. Section 1.11. Hour of Service.


Northstar Retirement Advisors - Web Seminar - January 15th, 16th and 20th, 2018 · Hardship Distribution Frequently Asked Questions · Retirement and Investment Consulting Service Announcement · Hardship Distribution Rule Announcement (01/2009) · Fund Trustees · Planning for Retirement · Log on to your Account ...


The National Automatic Sprinkler Industry Trust Funds provide pension and health care benefits to about 20000 active and retired sprinkler fitters and their families.


Sprinkler Industry Supplemental Pension Fund ... Federal law requires that the Fund provide you with important information regarding your pension in connection with your application. ... If you disagree with any of the determinations or opinions expressed in this letter you have the right to request a review by the Trustees.


As you may know, the Sprinkler Industry Supplemental Pension Fund (“SIS Pension Fund”) provides for Hardship Distributions to Participants with an immediate and heavy financial need that cannot be met through other sources. Among the categories of deemed immediate and heavy financial need are expenses for the ...


The purpose of the "Guidelines for Participation in the Sprinkler Industry Trust Funds" is to assist you, as an Employer, in understanding the requirements for reporting and making contributions to the Sprinkler Industry Trust Funds. This publication reflects ... Sprinkler Industry Supplemental Pension Fund National Automatic ...


Trustees of the National Automatic Sprinkler Local 669 UA Education Fund, Counter Defendant Trustees of the Sprinkler Industry Supplemental Defined Contribution Pension Fund, Counter Defendant Fire Sprinkler Specialties, Inc., Defendant Sprinkler Fitters Local Union 669-Work Assessments, Plaintiff Sprinkler Fitters ...


Apr 1, 2000 ... receipt of application, subject to subsequent Board of Directors approval, and shall furnish the Union with a copy of the signed agreement whereby the ...... Declaration of Trust of the Sprinkler Industry Supplemental Defined Contribution Pension Fund and agree to be bound by any amendments thereto.