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Three California Rancheria Termination Acts (and an amendment) were passed in the 1950s and 1960s as part of the US Indian termination policy. The three Acts, passed in 1956,1957, and 1958 targeted 41 Rancherias for termination. An additional seven were added via an amendment in 1964.


Who We Are. The Tsi-Akim Maidu of the Taylorsville Rancheria are indigenous American Indians. We are dedicated to the preservation and perpetuation of our people's language culture, history, heritage. [ continued... ] ...


The State of California offered bounties to pioneering gold seekers for the heads of native men, women and children, and many settlers cashed in on the program. ... that began in the Gold Rush era through watershed-based work projects and the sharing of traditional ceremonial practices that empowered all peoples in ...


1 Beth Rose Middleton, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Native American Studies, University of California, Davis, USA. brmiddleton "at" ... all Maidu Summit members and participants; Louise Fortmann, Jeff Romm, Ramón Grosfoguel, and Leonard Duhl at .... Rancheria) against the United States for violating these contracts.18.