Jun 30, 2017 ... Turner revolves around spousal benefits for government workers. Texas ... applied Obergefell to Texas several days later in a case called De Leon v. ... Smith, affirming that the Constitution prevents such “disparate treatment.”.

Jun 25, 2018 ... Turner V. Stokes, a leading advocate for “naturists,” at his home in Leesburg, Va., around 1998. (Sue Becker/Sue Becker). By Harrison Smith.

018-3-258 – Ackerson v. Rector & Visitors of the Univ. of ... 018-3-236 – Smith v. Whitley. Comments Off on ... 018-3-221 – Turner v. Thomas. Comments Off on ...

Gamble v. United States, No. 17-646. Brief of Amici Curiae Law Professors. Turner v. United States, 18-106. Certiorari petition ... v. Smith, 138 S. Ct. 784 ( 2018).

Jul 19, 2006 ... movant's former deposition testimony, summary judgment may not be granted in the movant's favor. (Turner v. Turner (1993), 67 Ohio St.3d.

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Feb 8, 2012 ... Turner v. Rogers and the Right of Meaningful Access to the Courts ... Smith: that litigants must be able to engage in “an adversary presentation.

decided the celebrated case of Britton. v. Turner.1. The plaintiff, who had ... Smith v. Brady, 17 N. Y. 173, i85 (x858) ; Thurston v. Nutter, 125 Me. 411, 417, 134.

James A. Smith is an environmental engineer holding the Henry L. Kinnier Chair ... Rento CT, Son V, Turner SS, Samie A, Dillingham RA, and Smith, J.A., 2017 ...