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Turquoise is an opaque, blue-to-green mineral that is a hydrated phosphate of copper and aluminium, with the chemical formula CuAl6(PO4)4(OH)8·4H2O. It is  ...


Turquoise is the name of a blue color, based on the gem of the same name. The word turquoise comes from the French for Turkish, as the gem was originally ...


Turquoise is a stone of well-being. It contains protective properties that help ward off negative energy with the purity of natural elements such as water and air.


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Items 1 - 12 of 96 ... The name Turquoise is derived from the French, pierre turquoise, meaning “ Turkish stone,” because the trade routes that brought Turquoise to ...


Turquoise is an opaque colored stone that can be marketed both as a gem for jewelry & is found in only dry & barren regions on earth.


Detailed description, properties, locality information guide about the blue mineral turquoise.

Jan 19, 2016 ... Dyed Howlite is commonly sold to people as natural Turquoise. Howlite is a white mineral that can be dyed to look exactly like Turquoise.


Turquoise is a bright blue to blue-green mineral that has been used to produce gemstones and small sculptures for over 6000 years.