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The small Ajax mine, located in south central Nevada in the Royston area, is one of the relatively new turquoise mines. The mine yields stones from light blue ...


A listing of all the Turquoise mines in Nevada in alphabetical order from A-C every Turquoise mine in Nevada with pictures.


All about Nevada turquoise with turquoise facts and a list of all of the Nevada Turquoise mines.


Nevada has several public mining sites where you can pay to dig for several varieties of minerals. The most popular and valuable are opals and turquoise.


Nevada Outback's complete listing of the classic Nevada turquoise mines that produce natural gem spiderweb blue and green turquoise gems, which are used  ...


Tours are held April through October on Wednesday and Saturday between the hours of 10:00am and 2:00pm, excluding holidays. Meet at the Mizpah Hotel in ...


Nevada's Turquoise Deposits vary greatly from those in Arizona, rather than turquoise being the biproduct of a large copper mining operation, in Nevada most  ...


Nevada is rich with turquoise mines. From small hat mines like the X-15 prospect and the Lander Blue to the larger producers like the Blue Gem, Lone Mountain, ...


The Ideal Nevada Experience Comes to a Head at the Royston Turquoise Mine Along With An Afternoon Spent With One Heck of a Silversmith.