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Several mines exist in the state, two of them famous for their unique colour and quality and considered the best in the industry: the Sleeping Beauty Mine in Globe ceased turquoise mining in August 2012. The mine chose to send all ore to the crusher and to concentrate on copper production ...


Turquoise in America was originally found by Native American Indians of the Southwestern United States. The Turquoise mines first set up in America were hand mined with primitive tools. Turquoise was originally found in New Mexico and Colorado. The earliest Turquoise Mine being in what is now known as Cerrillos, NM.


Most quality turquoise from the United States is found in the Southwest, particularly in Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, and California. Turquoise was sacred to Native Americans even before the arrival of Columbus. Most of the mines in these states have run dry and few are operating commercially these days.


A list of the prominent turquoise mines in America. Most of these turquoise mines are in Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, and New Mexico.


Dec 30, 2016 ... This changed during the late 1800's and early 1900's when modern miners discovered or rediscovered significant deposits of high-quality turquoise in the western and southwestern United States. Material from many of these deposits was just as fine as the finest "Persian." Today, the term "Persian ...


Map of some of the major turquoise mines in the Southwest USA.


The following is a list of turquoise varieties from the American Southwest, mainly mined in Nevada and Arizona. PLEASE ... Pauite Turquoise mine is in the same mountain as the Godber / Burnham and Drycreek Turquoise mine in central Nevada. .... This mine was one of the largest in North America and is now CLOSED.


We draw upon a variety of mines still operating, and some that have closed, using the precious remaining quantities still available in today's market. Click on the names of the turquoise mines which link to a description of each turquoise from which Silver Sun derives it's superb quality turquoise stone, noting both the state in ...


In 2011, the state of Arizona led the United States in the production of gemstones. Arizona has long been famous as a producer of turquoise, peridot, and petrified wood. Gemstones such as azurite, chrysocolla, and malachite are associated with Arizona's many copper deposits and have a long history of being produced ...