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This is a timeline of the 20th century. Contents. [hide]. 1 1900s; 2 1910s; 3 1920s; 4 1930s; 5 1940s; 6 1950s; 7 1960s; 8 1970s; 9 1980s; 10 1990s; 11 2000s. 1900s[edit]. See also: Edwardian Era, Gilded Age, and Progressive Era · 1901: First Nobel Prizes awarded. Australian colonies unified under single government.


Jul 31, 2017 ... The 20th-century began with without cars, planes, television, and of course, computers. These inventions changed the lives of Americans in this most American century. It also witnessed two world wars, the Great Depression of the 1930s, the Holocaust in Europe, the Cold War and the exploration of space.


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1910: August Sander begins the project "Man of the Twentieth Century" of photographs of ordinary Germans 1911: Sonia Terk, Robert Delaunay and Frantisek Kupka begin painting in the "Orphic" style 1911: Ernest Rutherford discovers that the atom is made of a nucleus and orbiting electrons 1911: Jan Sibelius composes ...


Jun 4, 2015 ... TIME magazine just published its “25 Moments That Changed America” list, focusing on the 20th Century. I agree with most of the selections and am impressed with the essays that explain the choices. I included a timeline of key moments as part of my book, The 100 Greatest Americans of the 20th Century: ...


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General History. History of Medicine. Year, Event, Year, Event. 1870-1914, " Scramble" for Africa, Southeast Asia; China, 1876. Koch discovers anthrax bacterium. 1879 anthrax vaccine. 1880, Pasteur discovers cholera immuniz. Laveran discovers malarial parasite. 1883, Koch cholera bacillus. Klebs diphtheria.


15 April: 'Titanic' sinks with the loss of 1,503 lives. 1914 - 1918. First World War 4 August 1914: Britain declares war on Germany in response to the invasion of Belgium Compulsory military service and food rationing introduced. 1918. 6 February: Limited numbers of women are given the vote for the first time


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