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As-yet-unknown means "currently unknown." In your sentence, Andrews does not yet know who the person who shot the footage is. However ...


2. adjective. If you use ... The Sun (2013)He died in his sleep from as yet unidentified causes. Times, Sunday Times ... Times, Sunday Times (2008)An unidentified second man who was also shot in the head was in a critical condition . Times ...


Aug 15, 2012 ... “Scientists have found that a second, as-yet smaller wave of mussel extinctions ... 2. “They criticized the arbitrary measures taken so far on the ...


... necessity of two dietary essentials as yet unidentified in the diet for growth or prolonged ... supply of these two dietary factors after growth has been com- pleted. ... OF RESULTS. The observation of Decaisne,2 during the siege of Paris, that.


2 days ago ... Two other suspects have been arrested in connection with the mosque ... racial hostility or ill will, and a 3rd as-yet unidentified suspect, per the Post. ... which happened just before 2 pm local time (Thursday night ET) in the ...


unidentified meaning: 1. whose name is not known or is being kept secret: 2. ... The photo shows the two leaders shaking hands, with an unidentified woman ... This type of targeted degradation may affect other, as yet unidentified proteins.


Two new strong bands further to the violet (XX4352 and 4261) and three weaker ... the unidentified bands are strongest, (2) the calculated convergence limits of the ... Nearly all the iemaining narrow absorption features are, as yet, unidentified .


tains another, as-yet-unidentified covalent modification that .... least two experiments. FIG. 2. Inhibitory effect of 1 2 on steady-state GTP hydrolysis by s. Purified s ...