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7-Up Camp Skit - Four guys are sitting in a hospital waiting room. A nurse enters.. .. A Big Jerk - You need two people to start with. Person 1 is on all fours (they will. .. Airplane Disaster - Two Campers are sitting on chairs, one pretending to be an airplane... Ants Marching - At irregular intervals between skits, when there is ...


POPULAR! "Worrying About the Future (a Comedy)"- Short Funny Skit - 2 actors - male or female from the play "Control the Future" ISBN-13: 978-1540666581 .... " One Way or Another" A short play for two actors (one man, one woman) adapted from “When Mel Fell for Nell“ ISBN-13: 978-1512007183 ...


"The Last Can" A short play about two people in love... at the end of the world... with only one can of food left. (for 1 male and 1 female). From the published play " When Mel Fell for Nell" ISBN-13: 978-1512007183 ...


Free Skits for Kids. Over 100 Funny Skits Great for short performances or camps! The Animal Trainer 3 parts, 2 minutes. Clown Statue 8 parts, 1 page; The Dentist 2 parts, one page; Dinosaur Land 2 parts, one page; Get Out of Bed! 2 parts, 1 page; Holdup at Ambush Canyon 20 parts, 2 pages; The Hula Hoop Champion


Monologue Blogger presents 30 Scenes for Two Actors in both comedy and drama genres. More scripts and scenes get added. Read more. Featured Monologues. 8 Strong Female Monologues From Shakespeare · Blog Monologue Lists · 8 Strong Female Monologues From Shakespeare · November 21, 2017 MB ...


ONE-ACT PLAYS FOR 2 ACTORS. Borrowed Parts - Drama. Walter Wykes. 1 m., 1 f. Buyer$ Market - Comedy. LB Hamilton. 1 m., 1 f. Call of the Revolution - Drama. Leonid Andreyev. 1 m., 1 f. Cocaine - Drama. Pendleton King. 1 m., 1 f. The Death of the Hired Man - Drama. Robert Frost. 1 m., 1 f. Down the River - Drama.

May 29, 2014 ... Reply 1 2. Richard Hutchison8 months ago. My oldest sister taught preschool and did this skit one day to entertain the children. I remember how hilarious it was then!. Read more. Show less. Reply 2 3. darlene broussard2 years ago. i think its three ladies the legs belong to a third person the hands another.


The Candy Store is another of our short funny skits that we love. Ask two people from the audience to come on stage and have each participant hold one end of a scarf, rope or string. Have them stand in such a way as to form a table or counter while the main actor (the candy store owner) stands behind. Another actor enters  ...

Oct 8, 2016 ... Skit applying makeup done for Bridal Shower.