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Before we make a hypothesis that addresses this question, let's learn about the two most common types of batteries. Alkaline batteries are made with potassium  ...


Discover which battery composition (type) lasts the longest.


Research Question: Which batteries last the longest? Age: Middle school and up. Safety Concerns: None. Time: 1 day. Independent variable: Type of battery


If you buy a generic brand of batteries, will they not last as long? ... a sale, you can stock up on the types of batteries you need and store them for future use.


I bought 11 different brands of AA batteries and put them in identical flashlights to shed some light on which ones last the longest. I'm testing major labels, drug ...


In my project I was trying to find out what battery lasts the longest. ... canoe trip and we were debating on what kind of batteries to purchase for our flashlights.

Dec 26, 2013 ... We put the major battery brands to the test to find out which battery will give you the most bang for your buck! Get your free audio book: ...


The article reviews 5 different types of official tests that were conducted at the ANSI ... Rayovac® Brand Battery lasts as long as Duracell® Coppertop and ...


Dec 24, 2013 ... Consumer Reports evaluated 15 kinds of AA batteries to determine the ones that last the longest.