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Learn which resource types support drift detection. ... Unmanaged Configuration Changes to Stacks and Resources » Resources that Support Drift Detection ...

CloudBolt allows you, the CloudBolt Admin, to define arbitrary types of custom resources that can be created by Blueprints and therefore managed by CloudBolt .

Resource types. We are carrying out some research into statstutor. Are there any resources that you need that are missing or you cannot find? Please complete ...

Browse or search through the Library and Learning Centre's extensive range of resources to support learning and teaching.

Cost resources are a "fixed" type of resource cost, like the cost of equipment your people need, or one-time resource costs such as their travel expenses.

Definition: An economic or productive factor required to accomplish an activity, or as means to undertake an enterprise ...Click to read more about resource.

With over a century-worth of experience in typography and innovation, enjoy resources and webinars from the brightest minds in the world of fonts.

Resources are listed under the resources: key in the pipeline configuration. ... You can find the source for the resource types provided with Concourse at the ...

Resource Library. The Center strives to present ... to a wide range of readers. Use the menus below to filter by media type or topic. FEATURED RESOURCES.