Types of Fish: Cod; Brill; Dabs; Dover sole; Gurnards; Herring; Lemon Sole; Megrim Sole; Monkfish; Plaice; Pollock; Rainbow Trout; Salmon; Sardines; Sea Bass ...


Lemon Sole have delicate, moist, white flesh with low oil content. The upper fillets are slightly darker but whiten on cooking. Lemon Sole has a sweet delicate ...


Find out all you need to know about the different species of fish available to you. ... and in mainland Europe as Panga, Basa is a type of catfish which is native to .... Ranging in size from 230g to 1kg, these sole have a sweet delicate flesh.


This guide allows people to understand what kinds of fish to eat always, ... Halibut (Atlantic), Monkfish, Orange Roughy, Sharks, Skates, Sole (Atlantic), Tilefish.


Superb sole recipes for any occasion, including whole dover sole with potato dumplings, ... This collection of sole recipes holds a dish for every occasion, from Eric Chavot's spectacular sole gronobloise recipe, where the fish is ... Recipe Type.


Flatfish begin their lives as normal swimming fish but get a flattened body within a couple of ... Plaice and sole are fish species which make use of this 'nursery'.


The five main varieties of fish, and how to substitute one species for another. ... haddock, Pacific cod, Pacific halibut, Pacific rockfish, Pacific sand dab & sole, ...


Fish guide for Freshwater Sole, Brachirus panoides, Pan Sole information, ... When keeping more sensitive types of fish, it is common for all fishes to be infected ...


More than 27000 types of fish exist in the world, but these 12 routinely appear in ... Many flounder species are sold as sole (not to be confused with Dover sole, ...