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See also: List of fungal orders. Main groups of fungi. The major phyla (sometimes called divisions) of fungi have been ...


Jun 1, 2017 ... There are so many different types of fungi in the world. Almost all of them are beneficial. Find out about them here and enjoy some beautiful ...


Oct 3, 2017 ... There's more to fungi than mushrooms! Learn about the main types of fungi, get examples of them, and see what they look like.


The coral tooth fungus (Hericium coralloides) has been described as our most beautiful species of fungus. It is a member of the group called… More about the ...


Major Groups of Fungi. Fungi are a diverse group of organisms that typically share some ecological features, i. e., they have a number of evolutionary origins, but ...


Oct 20, 2017 ... Fungi are everywhere. There are millions of different fungal species on Earth, but only about 300 of those are known to make people sick.


Mushrooms are the spore-producing structures of some fungi. A mushroom consists of a stalk and a cap, and in most species the spores are formed on gills.


A word fungus, plural fungi, is adopted from Latin fungus (mushroom), from Greek sphongos (sponge), and refers to a physical appearance of fungi. Mycology ...


Apr 18, 2013 ... A collection of some of the most fascinating looking fungi in the world, with information on each species and the Fungi kingdom at large.