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At the time, Uniroyal was the fifth-largest tire company in the ... Goodrich Tire Company generated almost US$2 billion in ...


The Uniroyal Giant Tire was created by the Uniroyal Tire Company for the 1964 New York ... It is not made of rubber, but of a Uniroyal-developed polyester resin ... now part of the Queens Zoo, it was originally emblazoned "U S ROYAL TIRES".


The forerunner of Uniroyal, Inc.'s Eau Claire Plant was the Gillette Safety Tire ..... other U.S. Rubber Company tire plants such as Chicopee Falls and Detroit.


U.S. Rubber acquires controlling interest of the company. The plant retains the ... U.S. Rubber subsidiaries consolidate under the Uniroyal name. Company ...

May 24, 2013 ... more at http://auto-parts.quickfound.net/ "Tires - Some sensational footage of driving and accidents - Animated titles." NEW VERSION with ...


... has become a trusted part of the lives of millions of Americans over the five generations since we were founded as the U.S. Rubber Company in 1892.


Sep 23, 1989 ... ... after the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, based in Akron, Ohio. Uniroyal Goodrich, also based in Akron, is the second-largest American ...


The former Uniroyal Tire plant on Jefferson avenue was once a sprawling ... The Morgan-Wright tire company in late 1900's. ... The plant gradually expanded and was sold to US Tire in 1914, which later became US Rubber, and then Uniroyal.


6) O. L. Ward, Plant Manager, United States Rubber Company ... the plant from the U.S. Government, and the Scottsville Plant officially joined Uniroyal. Uniroyal  ...