The Portland, OR office of the United States Trustee serves the Portland Division of the District of Oregon. Region 18. Jonas V. Anderson Acting Assistant United ...


The United States Trustee Program is the component of the U.S. Department of Justice that supervises the administration of bankruptcy cases. The United States  ...


Nov 27, 2018 ... Name, Position, Telephone. Gary W. Dyer, Assistant U.S. Trustee, (206) 553- 2000 ext. 229. Sarah Flynn, Trial Attorney, (206) 553-2000 ext. 232.


The U.S. Trustee appoints private individuals to act as trustees in bankruptcy cases. ... Portland. ME 04101 tel (207) 780-3564. United States Trustee Web Site.


The Office of the U.S. Trustee (often referred to as the UST) is an Executive Branch ... For cases filed in Portland: 620 SW Main St Rm 213, Portland OR 97205 ...


Welcome. Welcome to the official website for the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Oregon. We have offices in Portland and Eugene.


Homepage of the Standing Chapter 13 Trustee, Wayne Godare, District of Oregon, Portland.


The Office of The U. S. Trustee (Region 18) has two offices in Oregon. The offices are located in the cities of Eugene and Portland. Region 18 serves the states of ...


Congress established the Office of the U. S. Trustee as part of the Bankruptcy ... 18 is Gail Geiger, the Acting Assistant Trustee for the Portland sub-district is M.