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Schatz, et al. Technical Reports on CUDA for Bioinformatics ... CUSHAW: a CUDA compatible short read aligner to large genomes ... Contact Us. Find Us Online ...


Adam Cotes et al Sanford Al Lab, U.S.A. – LEARN MORE. For information on key data science applications, please visit the GPU Applications page.


Apr 20 2017, Brief amici curiae of United States Justice Foundation, et al. filed. ... Jan 16 2018, Brief amici curiae of U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, et al.


Excerpts from Part 3 of the Decision in US vs. Altstötter, et al., December 4, 1947. United States of America v. Alstötter, et al. (“The Jurists' Trial”), 3 T.W.C.


The Office of the Solicitor files briefs in cases that the Department of Labor litigates as well as amicus ("friend of the court") briefs in cases of ... U.S. Supreme Court. PDF Version - Advocate Health Care Network et al., v. ...... Inc. v. Michael Cuda.


Jurists' Trial Verdict (US v. Josef Alstötter, et al.) December 4, 1947. From 1946 through 1949, under the aegis of the International Military Tribunal, American ...


sentatives of the four Powers: the United States, Great Britain,. France, and the .... complete disintegration of the central government and was fol- lowed by the ..... in the case against Goering, et al., recognized similar provisions of the IMT ...


CUDA C requires us a special programming manner differently from C. ... [1]: Kaushik Datta et al., Stencil Computation Optimization and Auto-tuning on state- of-the-Art ... URL http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb509561(v=VS.85). aspx.


Jan 30, 2014 ... US National Library of Medicine .... For example, Neic et al accelerated cardiac biodomain propagation simulations ... Although the model is not as complex as models used in state-of-the-art simulations [7], [10], we used it ..... the sequential baseline vs. speedups of OpenACC targeting CUDA and OpenCL ...