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Briefs of amici curiae were filed for the State of Alabama et al. by Betty D. Montgomery, Attorney General of Ohio, Jeffrey S. Sutton, State Solicitor, and Stuart A. Cole, ... Felker v. Zant, 502 U. S. 1064 (1992). Petitioner then filed a petition for a writ of habeas corpus in the United States District Court for the Middle District of ...


477 S.E.2d 23 (1996). 267 Ga. 296. FELKER v. LUKEMIRE, et al. No. S97A0062. Supreme Court of Georgia. October 30, 1996. Reconsideration Denied November 14, 1996. Stephen C. Bayliss, M. Elizabeth Wells, Atlanta, Michael Mears, Multicounty Public Defender, Atlanta, for Felker. Michael J. Bowers, Atty. Gen., John ...


View this case and other resources at: Citation. 418 U.S. 166, 94 S. Ct. 2940, 41 L. Ed. 2d 678, 1974 U.S. Brief Fact Summary. Richardson, the.


Review all of the decisions in Volume 518 of the U.S. Supreme Court cases.


The Supreme Court of the United States (Supreme Court) had ruled that a presidential pardon had the effect of proof one did not support the rebellion. This allowed pardoned individuals to petition for return of property or compensation from the federal government. In response to the decision, Congress passed a statute ...


Review all of the decisions in 1996 of the US Supreme Court cases.


IN THE. Supreme Court of the United States. ______. In re WILLIE B. SHARP, Petitioner. ______. PETITION FOR A WRIT OF HABEAS CORPUS. ______. LINDSAY .... 31. Dodd v. United States, 545 U.S. 353 (2005) ............... 25. Felker v . Turpin, 518 U.S. 651 (1996) .......... 4, 9, 16, 31. In re Gieswein, 802 F.3d 1143 ( 10th Cir.


Sep 8, 2017 ... On Appeal from the United States District Court for the District ... respectfully oppose the motion of plaintiffs-appellants O. John Benisek, et al. ... Fletcher v. Lamone, 831 F. Supp. 2d. 887 (D. Md. 2011), aff'd. 567 U.S. 930 (2012). 2. The statute was petitioned to statewide referendum, and a sizable majority of.


IN THE. Supreme Court of the United States. Supreme Court of the United States. LAKHDAR BOUMEDIENE, et al.,. Petitioners, v. GEORGE W. BUSH, et al., ..... ing that the Habeas Corpus Act of 1679 was designed to ensure that. “judges would come to a speedy determination”); cf. Felker v. Turpin, 517. U.S. 1182, 518 U.S. ...