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posted: 10/6/2013 12:50 AM ... A. Presuming the original tenant is the only party on the lease, your defendants will be your tenant and "unknown occupants." You will pay an extra fee to have "unknown occupants" served. ... to communicate with them that we were trying to do a short sale but no one really seemed to care.


The Resource Center in the court house advised me to write the tenants names and 'Does 1 to 10', for all unknown occupants on the summons for an Unlawful ...


Jan 18, 2018 ... How to Serve Unknown Tenants in California ... Once served with the Prejudgment Claim to Right of Possession, the unknown tenant will have 10 days to ... shall forthwith (1) stop the eviction of occupants at the premises, and ...


It is never easy to evict tenants under any circumstances. .... It depends on the risk/benefit scenario, there could be a few unknown risks or expenses. The best way to deal with the eviction is by approaching occupants and determine how difficult they're ... Bad case scenario 8-10 months + damages. Seek legal advice. 1 vote.


Jun 21, 2014 ... It's a simple rule that prevents long-term guests and rogue tenants. ... a lease addendum that adds the additional occupant to the lease, by name, and ... couple will want to rent my unit together, but only one of them has an income. ... He has been a successful landlord for over 10 years, with dozens of happy ...


May 31, 2014 ... The tenant may have a written lease for one year or more, or be a month-to- month tenant. Both are legal relationships. An occupant, on the ...


Mar 25, 2015 ... The Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act (the “Act”) attempted to ... ten (10) day period results in a waiver of one's statutory right to redemption. ... names all tenants, known or unknown as defendants), is served on him ... Code Ann. 29-18- 125, who will evict the occupants from the foreclosed property. Ten.


Page 1 ... the landlord no longer wants to rent to the tenant;. □ the tenant is not paying rent; ... Page 10 .... NOTE: Unknown other occupants must be served by ...


Service of any of the above notices may be accomplished in one of three ways: ... afford the tenant and unknown occupants an additional ten days to respond.