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Brigham City v. Stuart, 547 U.S. 398 (2006), is a United States Supreme Court case involving ..... Burger (1987); Michigan v. Clifford (1984); City of Los Angeles v.


Bailey v. United States, 568 U.S. 186 (2013), was a United States Supreme Court case concerning search and seizure. A 6–3 decision reversed the weapons ...


United States v. Miller , 425 U.S. 435 (1976), was a United States Supreme Court case in which the Court held that bank records are not subject to protection ...


USA v. Divna Maslenjak. 16-4237 adec. Tynisa Williams v. City of Cleveland. 17- 3508 adec. Tynisa Williams .... William Reeves v. Brigham Sloan, et al. 18-3144.


Brigham Young University. Provo ..... a site which is designed for and targeted to U.S. audiences and is governed by and operated in accordance with U.S. laws.


... J. Garry Clifford, Robert Brigham, Michael Donoghue, Kenneth Hagan: Books. ... A microfilm edition of The United States and Castro's Cuba, 1950s-1970s: ...


May 31, 2011 ... United States, 517 U. S. 806, 813, and Terry v. Ohio, 392 .... Clifford, 464 U. S. 287, 294 (1984) (plurality opinion), or ... See Brigham. City v.


Hall v. DeCuir. 95 U.S. 485. Syllabus. The Supreme Court of Louisiana having decided that an Act of the General Assembly approved Feb. 23, 1869, entitled " An ...


Feb 2, 2011 ... The peak MHD voltage (VMHD) can be comparable, in higher-field MRIs, to the R -wave amplitude of the real Electrocardiogram (ECGreal), ...