This is a partial list by date of sightings of alleged unidentified flying objects ( UFOs), including reports of close encounters and abductions.


Apr 25, 2018 ... Let's revisit five of the most believable UFO sightings of the 21st century.


In this UFO Sightings video clip: The Pentagon: A brief look at the United States Air Force encounter with UFOs. Is there evidence to support the claims of UFO.


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Our database of reported UFO sightings is one of the most important aspects of our organization. We invite you to search our UFO Database to pull up and learn  ...


UFO sighting. Video duration 0:38 .... UFO spotted by US fighter jet pilots, new footage reveals. The video was filmed in 2004 ... More On: UFOs. An Unidentified  ...


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Jan 15, 2019 ... Project Blue Book was the code name for an Air Force program set up in 1952, after numerous U.F.O. sightings during the Cold War era, ...