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This is a list of sightings of alleged unidentified flying objects (UFOs), including reports of close encounters and abductions. [show]Part of a series of articles on the paranormal · PurportedUFO2.jpg. A photo of a purported UFO over Passaic, New Jersey in 1952. Main articles. Afterlife · Angel · Astral projection · Aura ...


UFO Sighting Over Chino, California May Be Evidence Of Alien Base Below State Park, Dec 2017, UFO Sightings Daily. Date of sighting: 9-24-2017. Location of sighting: Chino, California, USA Source: MUFON #88726. This particular style of UFO has been seen many times around the globe over the years. Sometimes its  ...


1 day ago ... EXCLUSIVE: Extraordinary triangular UFO sightings are on the increase, with the latest being reported in the UK.


Reports, Count. 12/2017, 67. 11/2017, 325. 10/2017, 457. 09/2017, 424. 08/2017 , 396. 07/2017, 500. 06/2017, 395. 05/2017, 358. 04/2017, 403. 03/2017, 339. 02/ 2017, 418. 01/2017, 326. 12/2016, 349. 11/2016, 494. 10/2016, 486. 09/2016, 593. 08/2016, 552. 07/2016, 686. 06/2016, 427. 05/2016, 381. 04/2016, 387.


Hence, we encourage visitors to our website to be discriminating in reading the reports in our database of sightings, and believing everything written there at face value. REPORTS OF CLUSTERS OF “ORBS” AND “FIREBALLS”. In May 2012, our Center, and other UFO organizations, as well, began receiving large numbers ...


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Nov 20, 2017 ... The government claims not to be in the business of investigating UFOs. John Greenewald and many other researchers disagree.


Latest news and pictures of UFO sightings and reports from the Telegraph.


Dec 4, 2017 ... Even before the first European settlers arrived on these shores in the 1600s, New England was hosting visitors from around the world. Yet some believe New England has also welcomed guests from much, much farther away. The first documented UFO sighting in America occurred here, as did the first ...