U.S. Pipe is the world's leading manufacturer of ductile iron pipe.


Products. U.S. Pipe, a Forterra company, offers a complete range of Ductile Iron Pipe, Restrained Joint Pipe, Fabrication, Gaskets, and Fittings along with other ...


United States Pipe and Foundry Company (US Pipe) manufactures ductile iron pipe and related fittings, valves, and gaskets. The company makes pipe at 20 ...


Mar 22, 2012 ... United States Pipe and Foundry Co. LLC has been sold by its parent company Mueller Water Products to an investment group, Wynnchurch ...


The United States Pipe and Foundry Company (U.S. Pipe) is one of the nation's leading manufacturers of ductile iron pipe. Ductile iron pipe is used principally to  ...


Put that in your pipe, and...well, the rest is up to you. United States Pipe and Foundry Company (US Pipe) manufactures ductile iron pipe and related fittings, ...


U.S. Pipe continues to lead the industry through the principles the company was established on over 100 ... Quality Assurance Engineer at U.S. Pipe & Foundry.


Apr 15, 2016 ... U.S. Pipe's complementary portfolio of products strategically augments Forterra's existing suite of concrete and steel pressure pipe solutions.


Originally incorporated in 1899 as United States Cast Iron* Pipe and Foundry Company, the incorporation consolidated 12 companies located in eight states.