For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office. Washington, D.C. .... The total amount of ground water pumped from wells in Laramie County ... irrigation in the Pine Bluffs-Carpenter area, and about 5,000 acre-feet was used .... North of Crow Creek, ridges of resistant sandstone and limestone.

eastern Laramie County (Carpenter-Egbert-Pine Bluffs area), Wyo. ... Most utilized aquifer of the High Plains aquifer system in Laramie County. ..... U.S. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR. U.S. .... The authors would like to thank all the people who assisted with this study, measured ..... Water Resources Research Institute, v.

Wyoming Department of Transportation Travel Information Service - Web Cameras. ... 6.9 miles east of Evanston (mm 13.6). I 80 / US 189 Interchange, Located at US 189 Interchange (mm 18) ... Halleck Ridge, 8.07 miles west of Elk Mountain (mm 252.16) ... Buford East, 0.5 miles west of the Laramie County Line (mm 336.1).

Contact Us ... A property tax is an ad valorem tax - one that is based on the value of the property ... The County Assessor is charged with the responsibility of determining the ... State Treasurer - School Foundation Fund, 12 mills ... Green Meadow Improvement District, 32 mills ... Carpenter Water and Sewer District, 8 mills.

3 ways to vote. Absentee / mail ballot: Registered voters can request absentee ballots for all elections in 2018 as early as January 1. ... Give us your name, date of birth, residence address in Laramie County, and address where you want ... By Mail - Laramie County Clerk - Elections, 309 W 20th St., Cheyenne, WY 82001.