A Bingham plastic is a viscoplastic material that behaves as a rigid body at low stresses but flows as a viscous fluid at high stress. It is named after Eugene C. Bingham who proposed its mathematical form. It is used as a common mathematical model of mud flow in drilling engineering, and in the handling of slurries. ..... Danish et al. have provided an explicit procedure to calculate the friction ...


Smokiam RV Resort LLC v William Jordan Capital Inc et al ... Santos v. US Bank National Association et al ... United States of America et al v. Renfrow ... Lindquist et al. Date: December 11, 2017. Docket Number: 3:2016cv05090. Bigham v.


BALFOUR, GUTHRIE & CO., Limited, et al. v. UNITED STATES et al. ... Olson, Adams & Charles, James L. Adams, San Francisco, Cal., Bigham, Englar, ... The capacity of the United Nations to maintain the libel against the American Pacific ...


Citizens Casualty Co. of New York et al., 5 Cir., 1970, 431 F.2d 409, Part I. October 29 ... Glasser v. United States, 1942, 315 U.S. 60, 62 S.Ct. 457, 86 L.Ed. 680.


Jun 28, 2012 ... The Government's three examples of false-speech regulation that ..... Brief for Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States et al. as Amici Curiae 1. ... see, e.g. , Bigham, Water District Rep Requests Alvarez Resign in Wake of ...


Report of the Committee on the Judiciary of the House of Representatives 1871, January 30—Mr. ... 1871, January 30—Mr. BINGHAM, from the Committee on the Judiciary, to which was referred the ... is no longer any reason to doubt that all persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to ... (Conner et al. vs.


U.S. v. City of Stilwell, Oklahoma and Stilwell Area Development Authority. Date: Thursday ... UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,. Plaintiff. v. CITY OF STILWELL, OKLAHOMA, et al.,. Defendants ..... States v. Bigham, 812 F.2d 943, 946 (5th Cir.


Aug 3, 2011 ... US ex rel Hicks, Donald v Chrysler Corp D/B/A Pentastar Electronics; Pei ... Alfred et al Settlement US ex rel Tou Yang Lee; See yang Lee; V'asia Eric .... US ex rel Bigham, Michelle; State of Illinois ex rel Bigham, Michelle v ...


Background. Jurists' Trial Verdict (US v. Josef Alstötter, et al.) December 4, 1947. From 1946 through 1949, under the aegis of the International Military Tribunal, ...