Peruta v. San Diego, 824 F.3d 919 (9th Cir. 2016), was a decision of the United States Court of ... Full case name, Edward Peruta et al v. County of ... Majority, Fletcher, joined by Thomas, Pregerson, Graber, McKeown, Paez, Owens ... They covered a time period from 1299 (in England) to the late 1800s US Supreme Court.


Aug 24, 2018 ... Before: Susan P. Graber and N. Randy Smith, Circuit. Judges, and ... The Honorable Jennifer G. Zipps, United States District Judge for the District ... certification was relevant to the government's decision to ... Association, et al.


Jan 31, 2019 ... Nelson, Susan P. Graber, William A. Fletcher, Marsha S. Berzon, Sandra S. ... Office of Disciplinary Counsel, 471 U.S. 626, .... All. for the Wild Rockies v. ...... 3 See, e.g., Vasanti S. Malik et al., Sugar-Sweetened Beverages and.


Before: Susan P. Graber and Kim McLane Wardlaw,. Circuit Judges, and ..... v. Burton, 549 U.S. 84, 93 (2006). That principle applies with special force here. ..... Amendments to the Fair Labor Standards Act: Hearings on S. 763 et al. Before the ...


Locke, Governor of Washington, et al., also on certiorari to the same court. ... (a) The State has enacted legislation in an area where the federal interest has been  ...


National Australia Bank Ltd., 561 U.S. 247 (2010), and RJR Nabisco, Inc. v. .... al., v. Ute Indian Tribe of the Uintah and Ouray Reservation, et al. .... The Court of Appeals, Susan P. Graber, Circuit Judge, held that: 1) as matter of first impression , ...


Susan Graber is a Judge for the Ninth Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals with eight ... Federal judges heard arguments in Al Haramain Islamic Foundation v.


Jul 15, 2018 ... Howard Gillman, Mark A. Graber, and Keith E. Whittington. INDEX OF .... U.S. v. Haun. B. Taxing and Spending Power i. President James Polk, Veto of Internal Improvements Bill ii. .... Panama Refining Co. et al. v. Ryan et al. ii.


Served as Assistant General Counsel for the U. S. Commission on Civil ... Dicta, Schmicta: Theory Versus Practice in Lower Court Decision-Making, ..... in Encyclopedia of the Supreme Court (Mark Graber et al. eds., Gale MacMillan 2008).