Martin v. Hunter's Lessee, 14 U.S. (1 Wheat.) 304 (1816), was a landmark United States ... Full case name, Martin, Heir at law and devisee of Fairfax v. Hunter's ...


What Is the Difference Between a Legatee and a Devisee? ... In this instance, state intestacy laws govern the distribution of the decedent's property, following a  ...


the administration of an estate, the decedent's heirs and devisees were sur- ... WOERNER, AMERICAN LAW OF ADMINISTRATION (3d ed. 1923) ? 276. 6. Nicely v. ... Where under the law of the state he has no authority to collect rents, courts.


(B) Individual and tribal heirsWhere there is no surviving spouse of the ... (v), an Indian co-owner (including the Indian tribe referred to in clause (v)) of a ..... a decedent's heirs and devisees to consolidate interests in trust or restricted lands.


The probate petition asks for heirs and devisees which might be why ... I agree with both of the other attorneys in that you need to have a local ...


allows an American heir to inherit property within its borders upon the same ... COMMENTARIES 293: Fairfax's Devisee v. Hunter's .... v. Grima, 49 U.S. (8 How.) 490 (1850); cf. United States v. Burnison, 339 U.S. 87, 93 (1950);. Maxwell v.


living in the United States and U.S. citizens who own assets in Japan. ... immediately in the heirs or devisees on a decedent's death. Thus ... Will vs. intestacy.


By the government of the United States, the body politic, the nation known as the ... that the United States could not lawfully take and hold the real estate as devisee under the will, in trust or otherwise, and that it descended to the heirs-at- law.


The UNKNOWN HEIRS, Devisees, Grantees, Assignees, Lienors, Creditors, ... of Such Individuals; United States of America on Behalf of Secretary of Housing ...