Shelley v. Kraemer, 334 U.S. 1 (1948), is a landmark United States Supreme Court case ... Full case name, Shelley et ux. v. ... Sipes et al. ... The owners of the properties were willing sellers, and contracts of sale were accordingly consummated. ... a US territory not in a U.S. state, but the Court found that both the Civil Rights ...


Kelo v. City of New London, 545 U.S. 469 (2005), was a case decided by the Supreme Court of ... Full case name, Susette Kelo, et al. v. City of ... The Connecticut Supreme Court heard arguments on December 2, 2002. .... any literal requirement that condemned property be put into use for the general public " (545 U.S. 469).


JAMES DANIEL GOOD REAL PROPERTY ET AL. ..... jurisdiction over the property, 416 U.S. at 679, and second, the yacht might have disappeared had the 503 ...


NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REAL ESTATE BOARDS et al. ... Dyers v. United States, 286 U.S. 427, 432—435, 52 S.Ct. 607—609, 76 L.Ed. 1204. Second. ... United States, 317 U.S. 519, 63 S.Ct. 326, 87 L.Ed. 434, or United States v.


McDERMOTT et al. certiorari to the united states ... applied to after-acquired property, Glass City Bank v. United States, ... created a lien in favor of the United States on all real and personal .... 377 U.S., at 358 (citation omitted).2. 1 As our later ...


May 11, 2015 ... United States of America, (95-6579 97-5016) v. ... Coffman, et. al. the district court ruled in Appellants' favor on a few issues, ... and add to that order two automobiles and eight pieces of real property as substitute property.


Apr 20, 2018 ... Appeals from the United States Court of Federal. Claims in No. ... owners of real property in St. Bernard Parish or in the ... because both the plaintiffs and the Claims Court failed to apply the .... ment engaged in no action at all.


Jun 14, 2007 ... Under New York law, real property owned by a foreign government is exempt from .... UNITED NATIONS, ET AL., PETITIONERS v. CITY OF ...


Case opinion for US 6th Circuit UNITED STATES OF AMERICA v. ... #74068415, et al., Defendants, OSAMA H. SALOUHA; HYS HEALTH MART, INC., ... accounts, two real properties, three vehicles, and $91,500 in United States currency.