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Americans are citizens of the United States of America. The country is home to people of many different national origins. As a result, many Americans do not equate their nationality with ethnicity, but with citizenship and allegiance. Although citizens make up the majority of Americans, non-citizen residents, dual citizens, and ...


United States - People: A country for less than two and a half centuries, the United States is a relatively new member of the global community, but its rapid growth since the 18th century is unparalleled. The early promise of the New World as a refuge and land of opportunity was realized dramatically in the 20th century with ...


May 12, 2016 ... VIDEO: If the whole country were just 100 people, here's what it would look like.


The U.S. population clock is based on a series of short-term projections for the resident population of the United States. This includes people whose usual residence is in the 50 states and the District of Columbia. These projections do not include members of the Armed Forces overseas, their dependents, or other U.S. ...


Population of the United States: current, historical, and projected population, growth rate, immigration, median age, total fertility rate (TFR), population density, ... area is 9,147,420 Km2 (3,531,837 sq. miles); 83.4 % of the population is urban (270,683,202 people in 2018); The median age in the United States is 37.8 years .


Oct 23, 2013 ... The Three Kinds of People Who Live in the United States. According to a new study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, psychological traits really do vary by region.


Anthony Weiner. Former Congressman Anthony Weiner, whose political career derailed because of a sexting scandal, was sentenced to 21 months in prison for transferring obscene material to a minor. U.S. Representative. (1964–). Harvey- Weinstein-507505-1-402 · Biography ...


The United States is the most diverse country in the world. People from all over the world have immigrated to the United States. Therefore, it is very difficult to define a typical American, as there is no such thing. However, a majority of the current Americans are of European descent; therefore, the description below is primarily ...


American history can be told in house styles. The U.S. Census map is your starting point to understanding population distribution and architecture.