The United States has dozens of major cities, including 31 ... As of 2011, about 250 million Americans live in or around urban areas. ... U.S. population shares just about three percent of the U.S. land area.


The current population of the United States of America is 328,246,549 as of Tuesday, February 19, 2019, based on the latest United Nations estimates. the ...


Jun 22, 2016 ... More than 330 million people live in the United States, but that doesn't ... More: TI Graphics Population United States of America Demographics ...


Nov 21, 2018 ... By population, the United States of America is the third largest country in the world, falling far behind China (1.4 billion) and India (1.25 billion).


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Population Pyramids: United States of America - 2018.


US Population table by year, historic, and current data. Current US Population is 329.10 million. ... Jul: Swedish American Holiday Traditions. $16.48$24.95.


Our editorial approach is to identify and fill gaps in the coverage of local politics across the United States to the ...


Live statistics for population of United States of America (USA). Current population (estimated population data for 2019) and historical data for over 50 past years ...