Did you mean: Unknown Party)(ies) ?


Yoruba is a language spoken in West Africa. The number of speakers of Yoruba is approaching ... Group, Name(s), Location(s), Largest dialects, Native speakers, countr(y)(ies), Comment ... North-West Yoruba is historically a part of the Ọyọ Empire. ... and cognatic, and the division of titles into war and civil is unknown.


"Party(ies)" is certainly used in official contexts. ... I think the following may also be an acceptable way of dealing with an uncertain plural ending in "y": part(y/ies).


With book you can use book(s) to indicate in writing how to form the plural from the singular, but with party, would you use party(ies) or party(s) ...


Define Third Party(ies. shall mean a person or entity who or which is neither a Party nor an Affiliate of a Party.


Dec 1, 2016 ... 610.6(D)(2) Title That Appears on the Deposit Copy(ies) is More Complete Than the Title ... 612.7(L) Nation of First Publication Unknown 53. 613 Name of .... 620.9(B)(2) Transfer by Written Instrument from a Third Party 157.


Apr 30, 2018 ... Name and address of receiving party(ies) ... or Description of Trademark(s) (and Filing Date if Application or Registration Number is unknown):.


The Institute of Education Sciences (IES) publishes practice guides in education to ..... Objective 1: Solve a system of equations with two unknowns. ... y = –2. What did Jada do next? Why? Do all of her steps make sense? ... Find (f – g)(x). 3 .


This report is available on the IES website at http://ncee.ed.gov. Alternate Formats ..... This section formalizes this framework for clustered RCTs in the education area. .... because its variance is a function of the unknown parameters ..... B. , is as follows: 1 _ IV. n c m. ∑∑∑( yijk − y... )(T − p) i. ˆ. 1 j =1 k =1 σ , α1 i = p y T.


IES Abroad (The Institute for the International Education of Students) is ..... online third-party cellular service providers for study abroad on your own to ...... side of the road or an unfamiliar side of the car can also increase risk of injury or.