Did you mean: Unknown Party)(ies) ?


"Party(ies)" is certainly used in official contexts. ... I think the following may also be an acceptable way of dealing with an uncertain plural ending in "y": part(y/ies).


Define Third Party(ies. shall mean a person or entity who or which is neither a Party nor an Affiliate of a Party.


The First party · First Party · Party · Requesting Party · The Second Party · Other Party · Party's · Substantially Prevailing Party · ACI IP Rights and Program IP ...


Apr 30, 2018 ... Name and address of receiving party(ies) ... or Description of Trademark(s) (and Filing Date if Application or Registration Number is unknown):.


President and Chief Operating Officer, IES Abroad, 33 West Monroe Street, Suite. 2300, Chicago ..... online third-party cellular service providers for study abroad on your own to determine ...... Do not go alone to unknown areas. • Do not go to ...


This report is available on the IES website at http://ncee.ed.gov. Alternate Formats ..... This section formalizes this framework for clustered RCTs in the education area. .... because its variance is a function of the unknown parameters ..... B. , is as follows: 1 _ IV. n c m. ∑∑∑( yijk − y... )(T − p) i. ˆ. 1 j =1 k =1 σ , α1 i = p y T.


Jul 15, 2015 ... The term "party(ies) to this Contract" refers to the party signatory of this ..... Conditions be replaced if considerations which were unknown.


Apr 3, 2018 ... However, it is largely unknown if the IES-R is measuring the same construct ... (n = 3), and participant only answered a portion of the IES-R questions (n = 3). ...... Asukai N, Kato H, Noriyukim K, Kim Y, Yamamoto K, Kishimoto J, et al. .... PLOS is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation, #C2354500, based in San ...


If unknown, answer question number 8. 8. ... See OSCF regulations, section 2814.25(b)(2), and application instructions for more information. Page 11. 7. RESPONSIBLE PARTY/IES (In accordance with OSCF regulations, section 2814.24, ...