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"John Doe" and "Jane Doe" (for females) are multiple-use names that are used in the case of somebody wishing to have the party who is given the name to remain anonymous. In the context of law enforcement in the United States, such names are often used to refer to a corpse whose identity is unknown or unconfirmed.


It's what we do. Tennessee trial attorneys winning your battles. Free Consultation. Call us now 866.812.8787 | §15.9 Allocation of Fault to an Unknown Party in a ...


Make eye contact. If you see someone you'd like to meet, try to make eye contact before talking to her. Once you catch her eye, try to maintain eye contact.


To whom it may concern is a salutation. That wouldn't be part of the address section. If you don't know the person's name, you can put their title ...


Elephant Rescue Mission Fail-An elephant was found dead lying lifeless in the water. An unknown party shot this giant before the scene.The wildlife team and ...


World Unknown has been one of these parties that if you go, you go. Once you've slipped through the door into whatever shonky rave shack the party is taking ...


Details of Councillor of Unknown Ward Ward - Unknown Party.


Details of Councillor of Unknown Ward - Unknown Party.


Details of Councillor of Unknown Ward - Unknown Party.