Orgone is a pseudo-scientific spiritual concept variously described as an esoteric energy or ... Reich argued that deficits or constrictions in bodily orgone were at the root of many diseases, much as deficits or .... but later came to the conclusion that he had discovered an entirely unknown but measurable force, which he then  ...


Please email David Reich if you would like to explore an opportunity. DNA lab ... Two previously unknown genetic exchanges between North and South America.


Jul 5, 2015 ... File:Gregor Reisch - Margarita philosophica - 4th ed. Basel 1517 - p. ... Author, Gregor Reisch (original drawing); Unknown. Unknown. (artist of ...


Nevertheless, the risks associated with consuming foods produced with these new technologies, such as nanotechnology, are still unknown (Reisch et al., 2011;.


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Michael Reisch. German (born ... Landscape, 7/005 (portfolio print) Unknown. Landscape, 7/001 2007. Landscape, 7/003 (portfolio print) Unknown. Landscape  ...


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such as nanotechnology, are still unknown (Reisch et al., 2011;. Chaudhry et al. .... applications in food and food packaging is still unknown .... widely unknown”.


Generation No. 1. 1. JOHANN PETER1 REISCH was born Abt. 1730, and died Aft . 1780. He married MARIA ELIZABETH REISCH Abt. 1750. She died Unknown.