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ficulties that students experience regarding general number and unknown which are different .... symbols to pose equations (see Ursini and Trigueros 2001).

Educational Studies in Mathematics, 27(1), 59–7. Trigueros, M, Ursini, S. (2003). First-year undergraduates' difficulties in working with different uses of variable.


Letter evaluated, Letter not used, Letter as object, Letter as specific unknown, ... can be core to future success within complex algebraic problems (Trigueros,.


algebraic variables and their various usages (as specific unknown, ... different educational levels in Mexico (see for example Trigueros, Ursini &Lozano,.


unknown,variable, and placeholder to mean different usages of letters in ...... roles in different settings which can be confusing for students (Trigueros, Jacobs).


an unknown number with a fixed value—is described as a lower level than the ... conceptions of variables in only a handful of studies (e.g. Trigueros, 1996).


May 19, 2017 ... Bacteremia of unknown origin (BUO) are associated with increased mortality compared to ..... Hernandez C, Cobos-Trigueros N, Feher C, et al.