Company, its assigns or successors in interest; and. A bill ..... on Claims the bill ( H. R. 6375) for the relief of the executors ...... have been a very shadowy one, if any at all, and whatever right they ...... "To Edward Crusselle, administrator and heir at law of the estate ...... T. Osborne Clemson, heirs of John Clemson deceased,.


Sir Francis Goodwin was a member of the Virginia Com- pany. He died .... of the executors, power being reserved for Mathew and Peter, the .... was devisee of her son Martin, deceased, one of the orphan chil- ... Kerby children, if any, unknown. ...... my said son one negro boy named Reubin, to him, his heirs and assigns for-.


Aug 1, 2013 ... this Agreement, Administration Costs shall be included in Litigation Costs ... 1.3. 2.2 If any objection was filed and not withdrawn, the time for appeal ..... interest, attorney fees, and penalties, whether known or unknown, asserted ..... respective heirs, devisees, successors, assigns, trustees, executors, and ...


Corey, Susie; 11 L. D., 235 ....-- ...... Admitting these premises, it is easily shown that, if the State only ...... Department is specially charged with the administration of the public .... that the non-resident unknown heirs were entitled to a reasonable time ..... The first error specified in the assignment of errors is as follows:.


Oct 26, 2018 ... “If we had a commitment to addressing animal cruelty, we could nip it in the bud ..... Also interesting, we think, do just that for 36 years in Cooperstown. is the fact ...... heirs at law, next of kin, descendants, executors, administrators, ..... IN MEMORIAM Jon Osborn, 75, Oneonta; Retired Trooper, Former Elks ...


Co., they are licensed to peddle in a waggon in the county of Marengo for the ..... T. H. Skinner, administrator with the will annexed, reported that the 6 Dec ... Heirs : Dempsy Blanks and James Blanks, both of Lauderdale Co. ... Daniel Blanks, supposed to reside in AL, but residences unknown; Ervin ...... Esaras H. Osborn.


Feb 12, 2018 ... but if you have questions, please call 317-758-5201 or visit the library. ..... and to the following Defendant(s) whose whereabouts are unknown: ... A. Jacobs, The Heirs, Devisees, Legatees and Creditors, whether known or ...... executor, administrator, or personal representative of the Estate of Suzanne.


M. B. Hadden, as agent for the heirs of Henry Scearce, offers for sale in this .... Wife Malinda Executor (s): Sons D.B. Scholl, Peter D. Scholl .... Order for appraisal in current money the slaves if any and personal estate of William Schooler decd. ...... was a farmer, he was born in Clark County, KY, parents unknown, he lived in ...


Some records listed in the original ledgers were lost before this ... semicolon if they have different surnames or by commas and ampersands if they have the ..... 721 Adams, William L., Executor ..... May, Daniel et al., heirs and devisees of ... Anderson, Unknown (State ex rel.) ...... Batman, Ira C. in capacity as administrator of.