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From Smithsonian Institution (online database, accessed 2004): "A small unnamed lava dome and an associated lava flow about 30 km east of Becharof Lake and 8 km NW of Alinchak Bay are not significantly modified by glacial erosion. Detterman et al. (1987) suggested a Holocene age for the small dome, whose summit ...


Feb 8, 2016 ... Steam Workshop: Greenlight. ARE YOU CLUMSY ENOUGH TO SAVE THE WORLD? Unnamed is a third person action and adventures game with some traits of ARPG starring by Clumsy, a fool, fat, donkey hero; definitely, not the conventional.


BYREDO celebrates ten years of creation with a new unnamed fragrance. Ben Gorham decided to propose a nameless fragrance that leaves everyone free to create their own interpretation, with no semantic boundaries. Discover and shop Unnamed perfum.


2nd ANNUAL PUFF FILM FESTIVAL. SEPTEMBER 28 - OCTOBER 1. PROSCENIUM THEATRE AT THE DRAKE. 302 S. HICKS ST. | PHILADELPHIA, PA. Thursday, September 28. 7:00 - IMITATION GIRL: A mysterious young woman materializes in the middle of the southwestern desert. 9:00 - Opening night party and ...


Jan 18, 2010 ... In Ferris's febrile second novel, a man's charmed life (law-firm partnership, suburban manse, wife “still beautiful” at age forty-six) is derailed by a mysterious illness that compels him to walk for hours, heedless of direction or weather, until he loses consciousness. The narrative's perambulations are similarly ...


unnamed pipes named pipes. The examples we seen at the shell command line are unnamed. They are created, used and destroyed within the life a set of processes. Each end of the pipe has it's own file descriptor. One end is for reading and one end is for writing. When you are done with a pipe, it is closed like any other ...


"What is the purpose of using an unnamed shared lookup cache when a named lookup cache can achieve all purposes (as far as what my understanding is)? For example a named cache can be shared between dynamic and static cache lookups, it can be shared across mappings etc. Is there any purpose that can be ...


dict.cc German-English Dictionary: Translation for unnamed.


Feb 15, 2010 ... The Unnamed is a book about a man afflicted with a debilitating condition — a compulsive need to walk until he collapses from exhaustion. Author Joshua Ferris, who also wrote Then We Came To The End, says he wanted to examine the nature of illness.