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The owners appealed the decision to a district court in the District of Columbia in Pro-Football, Inc. v. Harjo. The court reversed the USPTO's decision on the grounds of insufficient evidence of disparagement. Subsequent appeals have been rejected on the basis of laches, which means that the specific Native American ...


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Inc., et al. by James F. Fitzpatrick, Elliot M. Mincberg, and Lawrence .... United States v. Williams,. 504 U. S. 36, 41 (1992). See Virginia Bankshares, Inc. v. Sandberg, 501 U. S. 1083, 1099, n. 8 (1991); Stevens v. Depart- ment of Treasury , 500 U. S. 1, 8 (1991). ..... of the Defense Homes Corporation”); and the Tennessee Val-.


... OBERGEFELL, et al.,. Petitioners, v. RICHARD HODGES,. Director, Ohio Department of Health, et al., ..... government may assert a legitimate interest in pro moting raw nepotism that benefits not the public, but. 3 E.g. ... new residents fails rational basis scrutiny); Williams v. Vermont,. 472 U.S. 14, 23-24 (1985) ( residency ...


West Publishing Company publishes all cited opinions in the Pacific Reporter and Idaho Reports volumes. All cited ... 45001, Nate, et al. v. Lawerence Denney, Opinion · Summary, Writ of mandate - Original proceeding regarding grocery tax. July 12, 2017. 44357, Bailey v. Peritus I .... 44046, Val and Laree Westover v.


2012]. PALSGRAF, PUNITIVE DAMAGES, AND PREEMPTION. 1759 ficulties were dramatically revealed in Philip Morris USA v. Williams,5 in which the Court granted certiorari three separate ... 7 See Philip Morris USA Inc. v. .... as holding the view there must be “negligence toward the plaintiff,” W. PAGE KEETON ET AL .,.


REVERSED. w. 0 5m NUMBER SYSTEM. T. Thomas E. WILLIAMS; Alaska Reindeer,. Inc.; Reindeer Herders Association,. Inc., PlaintiffseAppellants,. V. Bruce BABBITT, in his capacity as the .... tory, the statute “must be construed to pro-7 hibit non-Native entry ... See Richard O. Stern, et. al, Eskimos, Rein-. Alaska: A Case ...


Apr 26, 2011 ... GLORIA LUSTER v. DONALD R. LUSTER ET AL. (AC 31907). DiPentima, C. J., and Bear and Borden, Js. Argued January 11—officially released April 26, .... Inc. v. Cantore, supra, 257 Conn., 539-40. The role of a conservator of the estate and his or her relationship to the Probate Court has been explained.


United States Court of Appeals,District of Columbia Circuit. PRO FOOTBALL, INC ., Appellee v. Suzan S. HARJO, et al., Appellants. No. 03-7162. Decided: May 15, 2009. Before: SENTELLE, Chief Judge, HENDERSON and TATEL, Circuit Judges.Philip J. Mause and Jeffrey J. Lopez were on the briefs for appellants. Robert ...